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Patient Testimonials

#1 Medical Clinic
in Winter Garden
No Hidden Fees

Kevin R.

I have rectal cancer with severe pain. Can't sleep. Medical marijuana helps with my pain, I sleep better without waking up at night and my appetite is better.

Linda H.

"Dr Khanna's office made it so easy to get my medical marijuana card. I was approved a lot faster than I expected. Thanks so much!"

Kevin H.

"Anxiety is so much better with the CBD drops." I feel so much more relaxed."

Juan M.

"I have crohn's disease and since started medical marijuana I have less stomach pain and cramps. My diarrhea is gone and I'm able to enjoy eating with my family again without fear of pain."

David M.

"My arthritis keep me from doing all the things I enjoy. A friend suggested medical marijuana. I was really unsure if that was the best option for me. I had never smoked pot in my life and I'm now 74. The staff was really knowledgeable and friendly. I'm so glad I started taking medical marijuana CBD oil. I'm not as stiff in the morning and able to really enjoy my grandkids."

Billy F.

"MMJ has really helped my diabetic neuropathy and anxiety. I no longer take Xanax and Gavapentin. Before, I felt like my hands and feet were on fire and like I was being stabbed with little needles. Not anymore. So glad I started medical marijuana."


Sandra C.

"No longer have panic attacks and able to sleep better." 

Susan N.

"I have had migraines since I was a child and the medical marijuana has reduced the number of migraines I get  and helps with the pain." 

Robert J.

"Great improvement with my seizures. I had about 7 seizures a day, So much better now. I feel great too. I was even able to get a part time job for the first time in my life."

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